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Railway Springs

We are Manufacturers, Exporters, Designers and OEM Suppliers of all types of Railway Spring like Bogie Springs, Wagon Springs, Buffer Springs, Coupler Springs, Snubber Springs, Brake Release Springs of any type and design.

Type 1 - Helical Coil Springs / Compression Springs.
Type 2 - Parabolic Leaf Springs.

Helical Coil Springs - Manufacturing Capacity  :

Wire Dia. - Upto 70 mm.
Outer Dia. - Upto 500 mm.
Free Height - Upto 1000 mm.
Total Coils - As per Drawing / Data.
Load Bearing Capacity - Upto 40 Tons. (per pc.)

Parabolic Leaf Springs - Manufacturing Capacity :

Flat Thickness - Upto 20 mm.
Flat Width - Upto 250 mm.
Total Length - As per Drawing / Data.
Total Height - As per Drawing / Data.

Painting and Coating : Synthetic Enamel Paint, Powder Coating, Phosphate, Zinc Coating etc.

Rawmaterial Grades :

Spring Steels as per Indian standard - BS:970 EN-42, BS:970 EN-45, BS:970 EN-47, 50Cr.V4, 50Cr.4V2, 51Cr.V4, 50Cr.MoV4, 50Si7, 55Si7, 60Si7, SUP-9, SUP-9A, SAE-5160, IS:4454 Part-1 Grade-2, IS:4454 Part-1 Grade-2D, Stainless Steel etc. and others similar foreign grades JIS, ASTM etc.
Bogie & Wagon Helical Coil Springs
Bogie & Wagon Helical Coil Springs

Bogie & Wagon Compression Springs
Bogie & Wagon Compression Springs

Bogie & Wagon Spring Sets
Bogie & Wagon Spring Sets

Bogie & Wagon Leaf Springs
Bogie & Wagon Leaf Springs

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