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Helical Spring

Helical Spring is a mechanical item which is typically used to absorb shock, resist sudden force or load between two devices. Helical Spring is made of either cross-section or round spring steel wire or stainless steel wire from 0.5 mm. to 80 mm. wire dia. The Closed Coil Helical Spring is called Tension or Extension Spring and Open Coil Helical Spring is called Compression Spring.

Helical Spring is made by winding of spring steel wire by red hot coiling or cold coiling. The load capacity is depends on Helical Spring design and can be customized by wire dia., outer or inner dia, total coils, coil gap, free length, wire shape etc. of the Helical Spring. The rawmaterial of Helical Spring is used silicon manganese spring steels, chrome vanadium spring steels and stainless steels.

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